10 things pregnant women should do for themselves BEFORE they deliver

Once that baby comes out, it’s like you have entered a whole new world!  Mommas make sure you take time to do things for yourself before you deliver because it’s game on once that bundle of joy comes out.

10 things women should do before they deliver

Get a prenatal massage: It doesn’t have to be at a fancy spa, although you totally deserve it.  Go get a nice massage to take a minute for yourself!  Make sure that the place you to go has a licensed massage therapist for pregnant women

Get a bikini wax:  Fix yourself because lord knows when you are gonna have time to go back after the baby is born 🙂

Eat at a not kid friendly restaurant:  Find a place with nice decor, lighting, fancy food and treat yourself with your friends or significant other because soon you will be spending your days at pizza joints and family style restaurants

Take a nice long shower and take time to wash and dry your hair:  You may laugh but you will be amazed how short your showers will be and how less you wash and dry your hair.  Between feeding times, diaper changes, nap times and doing laundry long showers or straightening hair will definitely not be at the top of your list

Choose your skinny jeans you want to fit into post pregnancy:  You want a motivator so either go out and buy a new pair or take one out of your closet.  These jeans should be a pair that you look awesome in before pregnancy and a motivational tool for you to get back into after pregnancy.  Take a picture of yourself in them because that will motivate you even more

Eat warm home cooked meals:  Again you may laugh but you will get accustomed to cold meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  You may put a hot enchilada on the dinner table but by the time you actually sit down and eat it, that thing will be nice and cold

Call your closest friends and have LONG phone conversations:  Your friends will always be your friends but Facebook will become your major means of communication just because of it’s convenience.  Especially with your friends who don’t have kids, you don’t want to put them on hold 10 times because your child spit up or is crying or woke up from a nap 🙂

DVR all your favorite shows:  You are not gonna have time to watch shows real time but DVR will become your best friend.  Especially while nursing or when you need a moment, having your favorite show recorded while being able to forward through the commercials will be the best feeling

Go watch a movie AT THE MOVIE THEATER:   Don’t watch a movie at home, go buy a big tub of popcorn and enjoy the movie.  It’s crazy how you think going to the movies is so easy but once that kid comes out…taking a nap will be your favorite thing to do

Listen to your favorite music for days:  Your Pandora will soon only have lullaby and Disney channels unless you feel comfortable blasting some rap music to put your child to sleep 🙂


  • Shanna

    This list is SPOT on!! I SO miss having the time to wash and nicely style my hair!! 🙂

    • Neesha

      Thanks Shanna 🙂 It is so easy for mommas to forgot about themselves!

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