5 tools to help your child with reading and writing



When my daughter was around 2.5 to 3 years old, I would sit down with her and have her practice reading with me. As a teacher I would use different guidance tools in my class and saw what a huge difference it made on my students reading levels. I would use tools such as, pointing, following with her index finger and recognizing words, while I read. After a while, wherever we would go she would try reading signs, billboards, things around us. I loved how motivated she was to read and recognize and remember words. I then started having her sound out words whenever she was not able to read the word. When my son was around the same age I did the same with him and both of them being so close in age now read together and help one another with the tools I taught them to read and write with. It was not too long before they were both writing stories in their spare time. Writing can even be an incredibly therapeutic past time for adults. For example, on a few occasions now, I have found myself plotting a novel. Who knows, maybe I might get my story published one day!

5 tools to help your child with reading and writing

    1. Have your child recognize or know their sight words that are age appropriate. Sight words or frequency sight words are commonly used words that children are encouraged to use in their day-to-day life. I have made flashcards with sight words so my kids can practice reading them daily and also as a gift my sister-in-law made Jinga with sight words, which they love to play with.
    2. Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers are great books to have your child to recognize or learn to read with at first. They are simple workbooks and are in different levels. The higher the level the harder and more words the book has. My son loves reading his BOB books. I have them read a BOB book every night.
    3. Have your child practice writing what word they have learned. Writing and reading go hand in hand. Once they know the word, have them write it on Line Paper a few times so they can recognize it. Have them try writing the words they get stuck on, so after practicing to write it a few times they sure then will get it.
    4. Books that have “I CAN READ” (The Frog and Toad Collection Box Set (I Can Read Book 2)are great book s to practice reading with. My kids enjoy them because they are with different characters they know. For example we have a toy story I CAN READ book, or for my daughter we have Disney Princess I CAN READ books. Remember there are different levels you can buy in this series so make sure to but the books that are age appropriate for your little one.
    5. My kids this Christmas got a Primary Journal, and Melissa & Doug Alphabet Write-A-Mat. They love using these because they can practice what they have learned. I have my kids write a sentence in their journal everyday. It’s good to have a journal because you can see your child progress and see how much they have learned plus it motivates them by seeing how well they have done from previously.


So using these tools have helped my children read and learn better. Every child learns differently so these tools may work for your child or they may not. But always try different things. Because children’s brains are like sponges they can soak up so much knowledge. I also love doing these activities with my kids because it gives me one on one time with them.


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