7 ways to be efficient parents


ONE: Designate tasks It’s important that each parent knows what tasks need to get done for the day, the week, etc.  For example, if dad doesn’t cook, he can be the one that’s in charge of doing the cleaning up after dinner.  If possible, he can wash up as you cook so there are less dishes after the meal is over.  Dad can be the one to fill up the gas tanks in each car weekly and pick up the dry cleaning and mom can be in charge of the groceries and laundry.  If there are doctor’s appointments coming up, decide who is taking the little ones. Keep each person’s tasks specific and clear to avoid confusion and communicate if things need to change.

TWO: Keep a family calendar  Organize a family calendar where you keep all upcoming events such as birthday parties, work trips, doctors appointments, pretty much anything that is going on with anyone in the family.  As invitations come or appointments are getting scheduled, make sure to update your calendar asap. And keep the calendar very visible so everyone can see easily.  Then make it digital and easy to access on the go by using google calendar or something like it so that you can share it with each other.

THREE: Leave the tech to the dads  For moms who are always on the go and dads that love their technology, let the dads take care of tasks like making sure the cell phones, iPads/tablets are charged or the music/movies are downloaded and ready for upcoming trips.  And if mom is the tech saavy one, then she can be in charge…just as long as someone is keeping everything juiced up and updated.

FOUR: Have a routine with your partner.  Make sure both of you know your morning and evening routines very well by splitting up the kids’ morning/evening tasks.  This is kind of like keep tasks designated but routines also mean the order in which things need to happen.  Both parents need to keep that in mind too so that everything runs much smoother.  By doing this, your life can be easier and manageable instead of one person trying to be the super parent.  For example, in a household of two…maybe mommy gets the bottle ready and takes the baby for the night while daddy takes care of feeding, bath time and bed time for the older one.

FIVE: Delegate  We get it moms…it’s incredibly hard to assign tasks because you feel it takes up more time explaining  than you just doing it yourself!  But in the long run it’s better for everyone if you let go and delegate.  The doubt that our husbands can’t get the job done is in our heads.  They may not do it the way we think it should be done but why not give them the chance?  They love their kiddos as much as we mommies do.  And hey, we could use a little break right?

SIX: Check in often Even with designated and delegated tasks and set routines which seem to be working well, it’s a good idea to check in with your spouse throughout the day and talk about what is or isn’t working.  A weekend huddle to go over any issue from the previous week and to go over the schedule for the upcoming week is also a great way for everyone to be on the same page.  Miscommunication or lack of communication can lead to arguments and resentment. So checking in is essential.  And checking in doesn’t mean just calling…use the technology that’s at your disposal.  Send quick texts, use FaceTime or take a picture to verify that you’re buying the right thing at the store.  Our handy cell phones have made it so easy to always stay connected so there’s no excuse.

SEVEN: Have fun When things get stagnant, parenting can start to feel like a chore. Keep things alive by turning the music on, change it up and order in one night instead of splitting up cooking, watch a movie together while folding the laundry, laugh and HAVE FUN!

– Chai Mommas


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