book review: ruby comes home


Ruby Comes Home is a true story about a dog who is searching for love and a place to call home. Ruby exemplifies courage, determination, forgiveness and love.

Reading this book to my little girl was like going on an adventure at each turned page of Ruby traveling all over to find her forever family!


I’m not a pet person like Chai Momma Reena is, but this book is truly an inspiration to want to adopt a pet!

The book is really for many ages since the story is so engaging, my 3 year old loved it and I can see older children enjoying it as well.

The thing is, I know the author Sarah personally and she’s got such a huge heart, it’s lovely to see her story about her own dog come to life as this book.

She’s working with wonderful organizations to raise awareness for pet adoption, such as Helen Woodward Animal Center, a local non-profit dedicated to saving lives of animals.

This book makes us hope all dogs who need a home find love and a family like Ruby did and teaches an awesome lesson to kids about empathy towards animals and the concept of a growing family.


P.S. Oh and please share the love! Let the author Sarah know what you think of Ruby Comes Home if you read it to your little ones in the comments below 🙂

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