6 must try avocado toast recipes

Hi guys, my name is Shraddha.  And I am an avocado addict.  HAHA!  But that’s kinda how I feel. It wasn’t always the case.  Having grown up in Virginia, there were avocados but I only had them with Mexican meals.  But after moving to California back in 2009, my love and affection for this delicious fruit…well, it’s kinda borderline insanity.

avocado toast

Good thing that they are pretty good for you too.  Also know as a nutritional all-star…avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving, including potassium(helps control blood pressure), lutein (good for your eyes), and folate (crucial for cell repair and during pregnancy especially).  Avocados are also a good source of B vitamins, which help you fight off disease and infection. They also give you vitamins C and E, plus natural plant chemicals that are known to help prevent cancer.  Another plus is that they are low in sugar and contain fiber, which helps you feel full longer.

While I can eat my fair share in guacamole or even straight up with just a dash of sea salt, a squeeze of lemon…my favorite way for the past few years is on toast.  I used to keep it simple with just a piece of toasted bread topped with mashed avocado which had been seasoned with salt and pepper.  But I’ve learned that even the simplest additions can make this combination even tastier.

So without further delay, here’s a few of my current favorite avocado toast recipes.  There are no specific instructions, but instead just combinations that you need.to.try.  Let me know what you think.  And leave a comment with your avocado toast recipes too!


  • avocado slices + toasted sourdough + cream cheese spread thinly on bread + sprinkle of lemon pepper
  • mashed avocado + toasted garlic bread ( i make my own if i’ve got time otherwise) + sprinkle of sea salt and crushed red pepper
  • chunked avocado + toasted Ezekiel bread + homemade pesto + parmesan shavings
  • mashed avocado with sea salt + sunny side up egg + your favorite toasted bread + sea salt + freshly ground pepper on top
  • mashed avocado with salt and lemon + toasted sourdough + crumbled feta + mint leaves + crushed red pepper
  • mashed avocado with salt and lemon + think cut bread + pico de gallo + dash or three of your favorite Mexican hot sauce


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