10 Tips to get Organized for Back to School


One of the hardest parts of having your kids go back to school is adjusting back into your daily routine.  End of summer is right around the corner and after being off for three months getting back to it can take some time.  I personally am looking forward to it because the kids being in school means I get to be more productive.


The best thing you can do for yourself and your family, is to get back into that routine a couple weeks early.  Here are a few things I do to prepare myself and my kids before school starts:

  1. Start bedtime routine early. It takes our bodies a while to adjust to a new schedule so make it easy by having your kids get to bed early a couple weeks before school starts.  This will hopefully make that first day back a much easier transition.  If you know your child struggles with getting up in the morning, the sooner you do this the better.
  2. Store all your school supplies in one area. I have a cubby system in my home. Each child has a shelf, hooks and a hanging folder where they put paper work that I need to see. This system has helped us a lot.  This will help you feel organized during the crazy busy mornings.
  3. Make technology your friend. My husband and I stay organized by sharing a google calendar. This allows us to put all events into one place so we are able to maintain our very busy schedule.  Without this we would be lost!!
  4. Have a visual calendar or a board. If technology drives you nuts you can have an actual calendar hanging in your house or a white board where you can write the day’s activities.  This will keep you organized and every family member informed.
  5. Get into a routine. For example when my kids get home they have gotten in the habit of hanging up their belongings and taking out any items that need to be used again the next day (i.e. lunch bags or water bottles).  Oddly this makes things feel less chaotic.
  6. Prepare the night before. Have your kids pick out an outfit so you don’t waste time in the morning. This has eliminated arguments and made our mornings run so much smoother.
  7. Prepare lunches. Prepping lunch the night before can reduce chaos as well. I put all their lunch bags on the counter and fill them up with napkins, water bottles, utensils, etc. and sometimes I even make their sandwiches.  This gives me extra “me” time in the morning which is huge.
  8. Label all of your kids’ personal belongings with their names. You name it, I label it. There have been countless times where my kids have lost their jacket, water bottle, etc. and it has been so easy to find.
  9. Look for Sales. Usually all back to school items start going on sale starting July! Take the time to go through old items and throw out stuff that doesn’t get used. This will make it easier for you to make a list of what you need and you will be ready to go for the new school year.
  10. Spend time with your child each day. Read a book, help them with homework, play outside with them before dinner, play a board game, do a puzzle. This time is precious to your little ones. Slow down and enjoy every moment because kids grow up so quickly! And staying on top of their work will help you balance time and help to avoid those “pulling an all nighter” on last minute projects.

I have been doing these things for a few years now and every year it gets easier for us because we have it down.  Hopefully these tips will help you out too and I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks for the school year.

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