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4 realistic resolutions for working moms

resolutions for working moms

Happy 2018 Everyone!

Chaimommas are back from their insane but totally fun holiday life and ready for another amazing year with all of you.  So as you know, all four of us have totally different lifestyles. Somehow we still have this strong foundation that ends up being the perfect balance. Last year from about September to December my life was going in circles. It was definitely one of the most stressful and busiest times of my life, but like WE ALL DO, I made it through.

It’s called MOMMY POWERS.

My husband was on travel pretty much all of last fall. Both my kids were in a ton of activities, which I won’t complain about because at the end of the day it’s my choice to balance my schedule. Work was nonstop which led to many late nights after the kids went down but I did feel like I was falling behind. Just my personality, I can’t handle feeling behind.  So I decided to reflect on my year and figure out some realistic mommy resolutions for the things in my life. Here is my list of 4 realistic resolutions for the working mom.

Learn to focus on one task at a time: This one is my top resolution. Of course every mom needs to multitask but I found myself stressing out about kid related things when I was at work. If I just put my time in at work, I won’t be stressing about work during my time with my kids. IT’S NOT EASY and I may fail at this more than actually do it but hey I am gonna try!

Find balance when planning for the week. Planning and organizing is my life. I can’t function without it, but I was trying to plan out my whole life at one time. I am focusing on doing two weeks at a time besides the kids longer term activities. Preparing meal plans, making sure I have enough time with my kids and my husband, not over-doing bday parties. Committing to enough that will keep my love for a social life but not to the point where I don’t enjoy having to leave the house anymore.

Take a step in my career: I am not sure how big of a step I am going to take but I am taking a step. I took a step back in my career as my kids were growing up and I personally feel like I am at a point where I want to better MYSELF PROFESSIONALLY. It isn’t going to make me any less of a mom, in fact I hope it teaches my kids that there are no limits in life. I am adding one more thing to my crazy calendar and there will be days that I fall apart….but that’s life! Learn and be better.

Control my patience level: I take on a lot and I choose to do it. I found myself losing my patience more often than normal at the end of the year but it did nothing but bring negativity to the entire family. Do I regret it happened? Nope, it’s part of motherhood.  Work got so busy that I let it out on my kids. NOT COOL but it’s bound to happen. We all have shitty days but I want to start setting up our family routine a bit better so I don’t get to that point as often as I was.  I want to remind myself I choose to work and it’s not fair to my kids if I let it out on them.

I hope this helps working moms out there!  Remember don’t have guilt just have motivation to be better in everything in your life.


  • Annum

    So i just came across your blog and i really like it!! its so neat i love that you share these ideas with working moms and new moms in my case! great tips, i love how you said dont be guilty just try to be better.


    -Annum S.

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