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6 Best Podcasts for Moms

Have you ever listened to a podcast? Someone asked me that a few months back if I have ever listened to any podcasts for moms and my immediate reaction was…umm I don’t have time for that.

I so regret saying that because I absolutely love listening to them now. Sometimes I listen when I am just washing the dishes or unloading the dishwasher. Laundry time is also another time I can get some on.

You can pretty much find podcasts about any topic and it all depends on the mood you are in. Sometimes I listen to some relating to my work, but recently I have been hooked on the podcasts for moms. You know…it’s those moments when you hear something and you just say..”OMG that is so me!”  Or you want someone else to share their parenting fails to humor yourself.

6 Best Podcasts for Moms

Podcasts For Moms

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivy

So Jamie invites a girlfriend to join her to talk and they chat about everything in life both related to motherhood and not. This one I absolutely love because she reminds you there are other things outside of motherhood that you as a woman can be a part of.


  Podcasts for Moms

The Healthy Moms

This isn’t on the comedy side but it’s sure a great reminder of little steps you can take to live a more peaceful and healthier life while getting caught up in our day to day “to dos.” Katie provides great tips and solutions that you can adapt in your life.



Working Mother Radio

This one isn’t for everyone, but if you are a career focused mom, Bettina Bush, who is a working mother of two gives awesome advice on managing stress, real life career strategies and balancing motherhood. It’s nice to hear someone else talk about all their positives and negatives in life and be real about how to manage them.

Podcasts for moms

The Mom Hour

This podcast is hosted by two women with 8 kids total between them…they have experienced a lot! They cover all ages of life with your kids and on top of that they make it hilarious. You do get that reassurance that you on your crappiest days you are still a kick butt mom, but this one is def one of my favs!


The Longest Shortest Time

This one is more on parenting than just motherhood. It’s about raising kids in the 21st century and how to deal with modern day issues. They add in the humor and reality yet talk in such a way that makes you really think about REAL situations you sometimes want to avoid.


Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Allison Bendikt and Dan Kois are so real in this podcast. They are mom and dad but they are not together. It’s full of stories about their fails but so honest it makes you relate to them. They also have guests come in to ask parenting questions..you know those questions that you want to ask but sometimes they just stay in your head?

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