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mommy moments with lux tea company

Ok, so it should be no surprise to any of you, that we love our mommy moments with a cup of chai in hand…duh, Chai Mommas! And over the years, we have been lucky to sample so many different lines out there. But it’s been a minute since we were all like, wow…now this some really good tea! Meet, Lux Tea Company. Recently, we were sent several teas to try from this line and we have to say, we are hooked and are loving mommy moments with Lux Tea Company teas in hand.

So who are the folks behind Lux Tea?

Lux Tea Company was started by Sandeep and Pinky Barot. Tea lovers themselves, they were drawn to the tea industry not just by their passion for tea but for their interest in the tea development process. From ensuring healthy growth and proper plucking, to packaging, marketing, and distributing, soon they found themselves completely fascinated by every aspect.

So enthralled by the tea industry, the couple wanted to provide a new way for the every day consumer to buy high quality, luxurious tea from a trusted source, for an affordable price, and conveniently online.

While Lux Tea Company continues to grow, Pinky and Sandeep continue to expand their knowledge, explore the “tea scene”, and try new tea innovations. They hope that what they learn and the cool teas and accessories they bring back to Lux Tea will keep their customers satisfied and just as inspired as they are.

Their motto: The perfect tea. An everyday luxury.

And isn’t that the truth? Isn’t tea just that go to for a quick “mommy moment” that sort of brings you back down from a long day, that cup of goodness that sort of luxuriously transports you back into a state of calm, into that place of much-needed zen. And that’s what Lux Tea Company does with their teas. It looks luxurious. It feels luxurious. It smells luxurious. And it also tastes luxurious. We love that. We need that. Because sometimes, being a mommy doesn’t feel so luxurious and even small moments of having a great tea in a beautiful mug – well, it’s more than enough! Zen and peacefulness is nice and all, but what about those mornings where you’re needing to be a momma that has enough energy to conquer the day, I haven’t much looked into myself, but apparently the likes of this kratom tea is supposed to be a great energy booster, whenever that might be needed! (A lot maybe?!)

We loved everything that we received. But our unanimous favorites were:

Organic Turmeric Chai – this blend is made from a mixture of premium spices with a hint of vanilla and serves as a wellness tea which is so delightful. the turmeric which is part of the ginger root family adds extra warmth and spiciness, which being the biggest turmeric fans ever , we are obsessed with one.

Instant Cardamom Chai – yes, the two words for this are instant gratification. we love how easy they’ve made it for our buys momma lives. this chai is so good plus it’s so simple and perfect for when you’re on the go which is all the time! this blend is a rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices, but the cardamom is the definite star. we love that it can be used in cappuccino machines too or when you’re travelling…all you need is hot water or milk to make yourself cup of deliciousness on the fly.

Strawberry Blooming Tea – ok, this was just so breathtaking so if you’re looking to give a unique gift to a tea lover in your life – this is it. it was a feast for every sense. it literally blooms in your cup and is green tea with two Chrysanthemum Flowers, Amaranth Globe, Jasmine Flowers and an exquisite strawberry flavor. so incredibly beautiful to watch unravel and so delicious. honestly, one of the best teas we’ve ever had!

Leaf Steepers – these steepers are so fun, colorful and environmentally friendly – which is the best part for us!! they offer an easy way for you to steep tea at home but most importantly, they can be used over and over again unlike traditional teabags. we each love ours and use them on the daily for tea time!

And you guys…over the weekend we added about one heaping tablespoon of the Instant Cardamom Chai to one cup of Kodiak Cakes pancake mix for a truly delicious and luxurious way to liven up breakfast. If you’re looking for brunch ideas for Mother’s Day – these pancakes are one way to make the daythat much more special. We will post the exact recipe to instagram soon – so follow us on there at “thechaimommasblog” if you aren’t!! These were soooo good, you don’t want to miss it!!

Use coupon code chai5 for 5% off your purchase and go ahead and enjoy your own mommy moments with Lux Tea Company!

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