Moving Back Home

After 11 years of living away from Atlanta, we’re moving back in just a few weeks! To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I’ve been thinking about this move for years now. Even though we have loved calling Chicago ‘home’ for five years, there’s nothing like being within driving distance of the majority of people you love the most.

Thankfully, my husband and I are both from Atlanta, so we always knew we’d return home one day. The whole gang will be there soon enough, including my in-laws, my BIL and his wife, my parents, and my sister and her husband. We are very fortunate.

I think I’m most excited about my children having deep connections and relationships with their grandparents and aunts + uncles. These are such special bonds and knowing that my son K and baby on the way will have a memory bank full of cherished moments makes me so happy. And I’m not gonna lie…the extra help/babysitters are more than welcome as well!

We’re also lucky because so many of our closest friends live in the Atlanta area. While we were able to make some great friendships in Chicago and the other places we’ve lived, there’s nothing like spending time with people you’ve ‘grown up’ with who know your quirks and love you just the same.

Of course, some of this comes with feelings of overwhelm. A part of me wonders how we’re going to balance everything given that we’ve mostly been isolated and on our own for so many years. The words ‘boundaries’ and ‘transparent communication’ keep coming up, so that’s going to be my focus as we transition and settle. The stresses of a cross-country move also creep in every so often.

And finally, my momma heart aches at the thought of my sweet four-year-old saying good-bye to his friends and favorite teachers, but I know we’re raising a resilient and kind kid who will meet this change head-on. He will make new friends and thrive. Both Vishnu and I moved around as kids, and we’re ok…our boy will be too. We will all be more than ok. #movinghome #grateful 

Written by Parita K. of @myinnershakti.  Follow Parita on instagram for her daily motherhood musings, inspiration and more.

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