Moms to be: Bye Bye Stretch Marks

So during my recent pregnancy (first time) and it being unexpected and all, I wasn’t exactly prepared for all the changes that had started to happen. And I’m not talking about the external changes, “we had to trade our sports car in for a sturdy SUV” or the internal emotional changes, “I feel really connected and immense joy about this life growing inside of me“…I’m talking the purely physical ones. The “my old bras can hardly hold it all in there” changes.

I have had a steady yoga practice for years and am even certified now to be an instructor, so staying in shape, being in tune with my body, and also my family’s skinny gene has always helped me stay fit. I continued to hike or do yoga during pregnancy for heart and overall organ well being, and quite frankly, for all these hormonal changes, for emotional and mental clarity;) I only really slowed down when the belly slowed EVERYTHING down in my last month of pregnancy.

But what about the changes we can’t neccessarly control? Like the dreaded…stretch marks!?!

I’m a study person, I like reading studies and proof and facts on things. Scientifically, I read that the largest study on whether you can prevent stretch marks or not was done in 2008 and proved that cocoa butter did nothing for elimination or prevention of stretch marks. What did work though, was products containing alpha tocopherol, a form of vitamin E. Check it out in a NY Times Health Section article.

Other data suggests that essential oils like Neroli Oil have skin regenerative effects. They slow down skin aging, as well improve skin elasticity and promote fluid retention – which are all important in moisturizing and healing damaged skin cells which occur in the trauma of tearing the dermis, shown up as stretch marks.

I was also interested in using organic and all natural skin products, since there has been a rise of skin cancer and with such an emphasis on eating well for the body, our skin cells absorb just as much that way, so eliminating cancer causing agents is important for me…and so on my quest, I found the perfect products:


It has both Borage and Neroli pure essential oils with rich Shea butter in a safe-for-pregnancy blend. It’s also vegan, cruelty-free, and zero toxin! It’s only $10.95 and available at The Earth Mama Angel Baby site. They also have a great Natural Stretch Oil that is the same as the butter in an oil version and sells for only $5.96. These products got amazing reviews on the site, as well.

2. Organic Vitamin E Oil:

I would blend a few drops of this with the Body Butter. Jason Organics makes a great product and available at Whole Foods and many stores for only $6 or so.

And I’m not saying I don’t have any stretch marks, but hey, anything to reduce or eliminate the chances of more of them and in the most natural way, (I’m not into all that chemical stuff). Oh and a side note- it smells delicious. When my husband would kiss my belly and say good morning to the baby, he would say, “I can already smell her :)”



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