modern tea party baby shower

Why go traditional when you can totally take a traditional concept and make it super modern! A few of us recently threw a Modern Tea Party Baby Shower focusing on bold colors and inspiring crafts for the mother-to-be. We wanted to stay away from the traditional games, waiting for the baby gender reveal from the test results, and the awkward present opening time where everyone stares at the guest of honor while she unwraps her gifts.

Pumpkin Orange and Raspberry Pink are an amazing color combination. The loud orange color brightens up the room and the raspberry pink gives it a feminine feel with bold energy. Rather than having everyone sit down at a formal tea table, we set up bar tables where guests were able to mingle and chat with everyone at the party. This avoids each person only being able to talk to their neighbors and the person across from them. For the China we went simple white with an elegant silver lining. The basic white china balanced out all the bold colors on the table. We gave the tables a tea party feel with a small bouquet of hydrangeas on each table.

For the food we did all things mini. Mini veggie sausage rolls, mini sandwiches, mini scones and mini deserts..looks amazing once it was all set up. A little tip for laying out your food, when you have mini food make sure you have tiered platters, it makes it looks so much cleaner 🙂

For the drinks we kept it simple, water, a whole bunch of flavors of tea and some raspberry dipped champagne. **Focus on the decaf organic teas so the mother-to-be can enjoy all the fun.

Rather than games, we wanted to do something to make the mother-to-be feel special. The first was a letter box. Each person at the party wrote a letter to the baby to be on a specific birthday. The mother-to-be will open the words of wisdon for her child on that special birthday.

The second was a inspirational baby book. We bought the most random crafts, staying away from the typical baby pink and blue things and the guests formed teams and created a piece of art that reminds the mother-to-be of what an awesome mom she will be. As all moms know, we have our down moments and being reminded of how special we are makes a world of difference. The guests got way more creative then I expected and the mother-to-be was just amazed.

A very special thank you to Terri Rippee, the amazing photographer who provided the pictures from the baby shower. You can find her contact information at:


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