my daughter’s tinker bell birthday party


For my daughter’s 4th birthday, I had asked her what she wanted her party theme to be. She told me she wanted a Tinker Bell party. I thought to myself, gosh this is going to be some hard planning. But as a matter of fact with the help of my sister-in-law Nisha, it was actually a lot of fun planning the party and plus we were able to do it on a budget. For the few boys that came we did a Pirates theme for them. I wanted the party to be very simple and elegant, and as a matter of fact it was :). In this post you will get everything, from the decor, party favors, cake, and activities that we had at the party.


  • We had the party in our backyard, our space was a little limited. As much as I would have loved to invest in lots of beautiful outdoor garden furniture for it, we simply don’t have enough space to justify that much stuff in our backyard. I think if we do a backyard party again, I’m definitely going to install decking beforehand to create a larger living space. I’ve already been looking at Dino Decking‘s website for some inspiration!
  • I was able to find a local vendor who rented out themed party tables and chairs for kids. It actually was amazing, because the package came with table settings, chair covers and decorations. My friend told me that you could buy your own led disco lights and I think this is a great idea. I didn’t have the budget for it with this party but maybe when she’s 5, we might arrange a disco party!! I’m also thinking about photo booth hire Coventry for her next party too. We didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked.
  • My sister in-law made the Happy Birthday banner. Click here to for directions on how to make the banner.
  • We bought an un-finished butterfly wood sign that we painted with acrylic paint and used the sign in the entry way of the party with my daughter’s name.
  • We also, bought wood un-finished bird houses and pirates chest from Michael’s and painted them with acrylic paint and used them as decor on the food table and the children’s table.
  • As an entertainer, I hired Tinker Bell to come for about an hour and she face painted the kids face, read them a story and also had a treasure hunt.

PicMonkey decor


  • For food we did everything appetizer style.
  • I looked on the internet for naming the foods with Tinker Bell and Pirates theme and came with up with lot of creative ones. Click here for names. I had all different types of appetizers such as: fruit wands but I used foam stars instead of the star fruit and made our wands all fruit and no cheese, vegetable platter with ranch (croc crunch), cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, cream cheese and chives sandwiches and of course peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (garden bites). I also made a 7 layer bean dip (lost boys chow). I had small bags of pirates booties and goldfish.
  • We bought mini water bottles and made labels for them with my daughter’s name and Happy 4th Birthday.
  • I had a lady come in to do our candy table (I know candy is very bad for kids), but we used alternatives such as gold-fish and fresh fruit and some candy.



  • For the favors I wanted to get something useful for the kids then just trinkets (Check out Chai Mommas post on Useful But Non-Trinket Party Favors)
  • We got canvas bags from Michael’s and ironed on labels with their names.
  • In each bag for the girls we put in a Tinker Bell wand and wings (that I found at the dollar store, what a steal) and some rings and Tinker Bell pocket tissue packs. For the boys, we put an eye patch and plastic swords with pencils and erasers (which I also found at the dollar store).



  • For the cake I had a local bakery make the cake and mini cupcakes.
  • On the mini cupcakes the baker put mini Tinker Bell slippers and Tinker Bell picks (so cute).
  • I got a mini cake made for my daughter to have of her own and to blow out her candles on.


Here you have it, my daughter’s Tinker Bell party. We had a blast planning it and hope this party planning information will help you plan your little ones birthday party. Happy Planning 🙂

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