easy dinner: chicken salsa burger with veggies

Chicken Burger recipe


Christine O’Connor is sharing another one of her quick, yummy family recipes with us and this one is sure to be a hit if your family loves burgers. The best part? It’s way healthier than the traditional beef burger. Some of the chai mommas whose family members eat meat, but not beef, said they’re definitely going to try it out tonight! Thanks Christine!

The weekend is here and I really want to eat a hamburger. With this recipe, you get the glory of eating a burger without the guilt. This chicken burger is infused with my favorite flavors by incorporating cilantro, lime juice and salsa. It’s paired with vegetables topped with the same flavor profile. That’s right, salsa burgers with a side of vegetables. Sounds delicious, right? And, it’s family-friendly too. Let’s do it!


easy dinner: chicken salsa burger with veggies
Recipe Type: lunch or dinner
Cuisine: american
Author: christine o’connor via www.chaimommas.com
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
A healthier burger that tastes divine; with a side of vegetables.
  • Main
  • • 1 pound of ground organic chicken
  • • ½ lime (squeezed)
  • • 2 tablespoons of your favorite salsa
  • • 1 handful of fresh cilantro
  • • Salt and pepper to taste
  • • 4 organic whole wheat buns
  • • 4 slices of organic red onion
  • • 4 slices of organic tomato
  • • A small handful of greens for each burger
  • Side
  • • 2 heads of organic broccoli
  • • 1 organic red pepper
  • • 1/3 cup of frozen organic corn
  • • ½ lime (squeezed)
  • • 1 handful of fresh cilantro
  • • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Mix the ground organic chicken, salsa, ½ lime and salt and pepper
  2. You can refrigerate the seasoned meat for 1-hour or simply move onto step 3
  3. Turn the oven onto warm
  4. Form the chicken into 4 evenly sized patties and place them on a plate
  5. Heat up the Foreman grill (or the actual grill, if you want to cook outside). Cook the chicken patties for about 4 minutes each on the Foreman grill. For cooking outside, I recommend 2 minutes per side.
  6. While the chicken burgers are cooking, chop the broccoli and red pepper and place them in boiling water.
  7. Cook the vegetables for 8 minutes and during the last 2 minutes add the corn
  8. Place whole wheat buns on individual plates and add a handful of greens on each
  9. Chop onion and red pepper and place them on the buns
  10. As each burger has finished cooking, place it in the warm oven (do the same for the cooked vegetables).
  11. Once everything has been cooked, take the burgers and vegetables out of the oven and plate them.
  12. Squeeze the remaining lime juice onto the vegetables; as well as cilantro, salt and pepper.
  13. Serve


And there it is; a delicious meal in 13 simple steps. When I make this recipe for my family, I select a mild salsa since my son is not keen on spicy foods. My son likes small, flat burgers. So, for this recipe, I make 3 quarter-pound burgers and then 2 small, 1/8 burgers for my son. When I plate my son’s meal, I put one of the small burgers on a half bun for him with a spoonful of vegetables. Now, the whole family is happy.

This is the perfect recipe for those days where you want to bite into a burger, but with a little less fat. By using ground organic chicken and substituting vegetable for fries, you have a healthy and satisfying meal. I sometimes like to mix it up and make chicken burgers with curry. That’s nice, too. What’s your favorite kind of chicken burger?

p.s. for a spiced, but family friendly turkey or veggie burger alternative, try this recipe by Neesha, too!


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  • kings lynn

    I sometimes like to mix it up and make chicken burgers with curry. That’s nice, too. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! it is so delicious I love this burger. This special burger is made from a medley of organic grains, vegetables and spices and topped with hummus and tzatziki sauce.

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