a happy hour baby shower


A happy hour baby shower..hmm what’s the catch?  A place for the preggo and the non preggos to have a great time 🙂  I threw a baby shower for my cousin with the happy hour baby shower and was a big hit.  We wanted to do something all the girls could enjoy and away from the normal blue or pink showers.

The mom to be is really into fashion so we decided to make the party cocktail attire with formal table seating.

Table Decor:

We decided to use a black, white, and bright yellow color theme.  We used the damask theme to balance out the bright yellow colors.  For the table setting, we got super creative.  Here are some things we set up:

  • Bright yellow solid tablecloths
  • Homemade place mats.  We went out and bought Damask scrap book paper and laminated it.  So easy and perfect for an elegant looking place mat.
  • Modern plastic ware.  We used plastic black square chargers with white plates on top.  We placed a damask napkin on top of the white plates to add some dimension to the table  setting.
  • Black plastic silverware.  We tied a fork, knife and spoon with our home made napkins rings which were made out of damask ribbon and plastic pacifiers.
  • We printed menus for each guest on damask and yellow paper and laid them on the white plates.
  • Instead of water bottles we used plastic yellow baby bottles with straws in them and filled them with water.  If gave a nice cocktail/baby shower feel.
  • We alternated short and tall back vases with white flowers for each table.


For drinks we had alcoholic and a non alcoholic version of

  • Sangria
  • Margaritas with salt
  • Mojitos


The mom to be LOVES Mexican so here is what we got for the food

  • Chiquita Platter
  • Mexican Potato Skins
  • Tamales
  • Mini Tostada Bar
  • Spanish Rice
  • Sauce Bar (Hot, Mild, Green, Chipolte)


For the cocktail feel, we did all things mini:

  • Chocolate Mouse with  Pirouette cookie  in a mini shot glass
  • Fresh fruit cup in martini glasses
  • Vanilla cool whip dip for fruit
  • Vanilla cake pops with yellow three dimensional dots and black ribbon..these were our favors


The cake was a three tiered yellow and white ABC cake with a baby blankie and clothes pin for decoration.


  •  Name that shot:  We filled up 3 different kinds of baby  juices in shot glasses and the guests had to write down what juice it was
  • A childhood story:  Each person wrote a small childhood story about themselves.  The guest of honor then read them out loud to all the guests and had to pick who the story was about.  This was possibly one of the funniest games we played.  Some people had some interesting childhoods 🙂  Great way to get all your guests engaged!



  • kamal

    wow! that looks amazing…and what a great way to get away from the super traditional baby themed baby showers! love the decor too…will definitely be using some of your tips!

    • Neesha

      Thanks Kamal…we had a blast planning it. It’s a great way for all women to enjoy an event!

  • Bhakti

    You forgot to mention that the pool had about 50 yellow rubber duckies floating around. A great little souveneir for the moms to take home to their kiddies!

    • Neesha

      Oh yeah I forgot about those! It was a great touch that added to the decor 🙂

  • Divya Merchant

    It was the most perfect baby shower. My girls did a great job planning and hosting!

  • shraddha

    this is incredibly stylish – LOVE it!!

  • Megan

    Beautiful Shower! Wow. And thank God you served alcohol for non-preggos. I don’t go to dry showers. Its against my religion.

    • Neesha

      Hi Megan! Yes we had to have alcohol..I know a lot of baby talk for non expecting moms can be overwhelming 🙂

  • Claire

    What did your invitations look like? I am planning something similar and would love to compare notes! Thanks!

    • chaimommas

      Hey Claire,

      We actually just made them with the same damask print as the place mats. If you look on shutterfly they should have a damask print.

  • Sadaf Afshan

    What a lovely baby shower party!

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