top ten uses for toothpaste


This post was inspired by my recent Tuesday Tip video on using toothpaste to clean the back of an iron.

And no… I didn’t learn these uses in dental school, but I can say that they really work when I have Used The Combination of Toothpaste + Cleaning!

I know that toothpaste, regardless of the type, has what’s called abrasives in it which help in it’s cleaning properties for your teeth…but also help with the uses in this great list- check it out:

1. Dry out a zit: When I was in high school, this old trick really worked! You just dab a little toothpaste on the blemish and in the morning it would be smaller and less red! (Another way is with a home-made turmeric remedy- check out my post here)

2. Clean and strengthen your nails: Just use a regular toothbrush, (other than your dedicated teeth scrubbing one!), and scrub your nails on top and underneath for shine and health.

3. Get rid of the garlic smell on your hands: Chopping garlic for dinner? Other than lemon, this is a safe option that works when soap doesn’t get that stink out of your skin.

4. Get out stains on carpet: Oops, did you spill red wine on that beige rug? Here is a great way to scrub it out! (Note: the whitening toothpastes may bleach the area, so use a regular paste to be safe)

5. We all know kids can get crayon lines on the walls…so get them out with toothpaste and a soft sponge/water!

6. Sports time means sneaker scuffs, but you can easily take a rag and some toothpaste and get those scuffs off those pumped up kicks! 😉

7. Get out CD and DVD scratches: Remember that CDs and DVDs are really sensitive, so be careful when cleaning the backs, only lightly press with a soft cloth and use regular toothpaste that does not contain baking soda which can be too abrasive.

8. Clean silver utensils and jewelry: Just use a soft cloth and watch your silver shine again:) Again, do not use any paste with baking soda, since that is too abrasive for the silver as well.

9. Remove watermarks from furniture: I actually just used this trick. A guest that came over didn’t use my coffee table coasters and put a cup of hot tea on my the table so it created a ring on the wood. I used toothpaste with a soft rag to get rid of it and then some wood polisher afterwards. Awesome!

10. Clean the back of an iron, (see video I mentioned above). It gets rid of the burnt marks that sometimes happen on the iron plate. It really works!

Do you have a toothpaste use besides brushing your teeth? Would love to hear by commenting below 🙂




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