why momma’s weekend (or night out) is so necessary

A couple of weekends ago, I left my son Jai for the second time in his life since we brought him home.  The first time I was away was for a family wedding weekend in Chicago and although I did venture out without my boys…I realized that what I really wanted was a true girls’ weekend away.  Honestly, I was kind of losing my sanity.  My youngest, single, super fun sister-in law Arti lives in San Francisco, so my other sister-in-law (equally fun!), Swati (also a momma who desparately needed a break) and I decided to make it a weekend together.three of us

This trip was just the kind of recharge that my ‘momma battery’ needed after over a year of not really leaving my zipcode.  The trip sort of reminded me of who I was before I put the momma hat on and how necessary – not just important – but absolutely and completely necessary it was to get that girl time together.  And on the flip side, the trip left me more appreciative, more ok with the phase of life that I’m in…even more ready to take on the day to day grind of being the best momma I can be.

So everyone of you mommas already knows it…you need to get away, step away…do something for yourself sometimes (both of you…husband included.).  Sometimes we just need a reminder, a little push to do it.  It’s not easy to spend an entire weekend away; it’s just not always practical or feasible a lot of the time.  But today I’m listing 5 ideas that you should consider…especially if you can’t remember the last time you indulged in anything fun with your girls.

Make time for it.  I promise, your momma battery won’t regret it.

And if you’re doing something fun…different with your girls…share with me!  I wanna know!


1. Chill while being charitable

Nothing like spending time together, but making it really meaningful.  Sometimes, the best way to get together is by making it about a cause that is important to you.  Recently, I was able to reconnect with many of the friends I’ve made out here by inviting them to join me in a 5K.  We were able to catch up while exercising and giving back.  Find a cause that you believe in and get together while participating in it.


2. Get creative

Building this blog together with three friends has been such a tremendous experience for helping me stay together through this first year of being a new mom to my son.  Having something to share and create with these girls and moms has been so rewarding on so many levels.  Other creative ideas could be an art class together (I’ve always wanted to do one of those art and wine classes where you end up with a painting at the end of the class) or a cooking class.chaimommas

3. Be ladies who lunch…or brunch

Dinner time is usually too crazy for those of us with kids.  So I’ve found that lunch or brunch is the better way to go for me.  There’s a group of ladies that I’m in monthly ‘brunch/lunch’ club with and it’s a nice way to get out for a bit on Sunday’s, grab some good food and chit chat with the gals.


4. Grab a cup of chai or better yet, juice

Sometimes you just need a quick ‘recharge’ but all you have is maybe 30 minutes or at the most an hour…grabbing a coffee, chai, or juice together is perfect for those times.  For me, even these small, informal meet ups where I can roll up in my yoga gear, hair tied back and make-up less are so gratifying, just what I need to get me through the rest of the week.  The perfect ‘pick-me-up’.whole_foods_kale_beet_juice

5. Party it up like the rockstar that you still so are

Listen, that weekend away in SF…well, let’s just say…I was hurting by Sunday morning.  I was tired, worn out.  It’s hard to stay up past 9:30pm these days much less 1 in the morning…two.nights.in.a.row (I think I’m still recovering!!).  I even caught some nasty virus and was out of commission for days after.  But you know what…it was still totally worth it.   Sometimes you just need to get dolled up, put your high heels on, let your hair down and dance just a little – ok maybe more than a just a little…lol.


You just are a better momma for having done so.  Makes you appreciate the many layers of yourself…the old you and the new you, the one who wears that momma hat oh-so-proudly but who can still get down on the dance floor like it’s nobody’s business. 😉  Oh and Arti, we’ll be back in a few (or more) months…you think you can handle round two of us mommas?! xoxo.


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