10 manners every kid should know

How many of you had to stay seated on the dining table until you finished your dinner, even if it took over an hour?  I remember I used to get so mad at my mom when she used to make me do that and now I am the same exact way! Growing up, my mom was very strict with manners.  I remember her always making sure I was not all over the place when went to people’s houses or that I dressed properly before we went out to dinner.  I remember lashing out on her at times because I thought she was overreacting for small things when really all she was trying to do was to make sure I wasn’t a hot mess with an attitude mouth when I grew up 🙂  It’s amazing how your outlook on different topics change once you have your own children!

Good Manners

10 manners every kid should know

  1. Saying please and thank you:  Those two words are so important for your child to understand when to use them.  Saying please totally changes the tone of what you are saying and makes it so much more polite.  Keep reinforcing them to use these words and it will start to come naturally.
  2. Dishes go in the sink after dinner:  Once they are old enough to understand the concept of dinner time, make it a habit for the kids to put their own dishes in the sink.  It gives them a chance to learn responsibility.
  3. Clean up before bed:  Going to bed with a messy toy room should not be an option.  If they were able to make the mess, they need to learn to clean up the mess.  Make it a habit before bed time that the toy room has to be cleaned.
  4. Clean up after a play date:  If your child’s friend was nice enough to have you over to play with their toys, the least you can do is teach your child to help clean up after the play date is over.  It’s being respectful to their parents as well as the kid.
  5. Ask for a tissue:  After the age of 3, fingers start going in noses, runny noses get wiped by their sleeves and I don’t even want to think about what else!  Teach your child to ask for a tissue to clean their nose.  They don’t know any better so it’s your job as a parent to keep the tissues where they can access them and show them how to use it.
  6. Washing their hands after the restroom:  Many of you may laugh when I write this but I have seen so many parents in public places that let their child use the potty and not wash their hands.  Just because you helped them does not mean their hands are clean.  Once you enter that bathroom, you have been exposed to so many germs, so make it a habit for them to wash their hands no matter what.
  7. Stay seated at dinner:  Regardless if you are home or at a restaurant, letting your kid run around should not be an option.  It disturbs other guests and is not teaching them the importance of sitting down as a family to eat dinner.  If they get restless, bring an iPAD or toys or crayons for after they finish eating to keep them busy.  The younger kids have short tension spans and it’s tough to keep them busy but once you let them get up and run around, they will do it every time.
  8. Cover your  mouth when you cough or sneeze:  Nobody wants your child’s germs spread all over them.  Teach them to cover their mouth and explain to them why.
  9. Do not interrupt when people are talking:  Teach them the words excuse me.  Especially at age 3, when children want to say something, they want to say it right then and there.  Explain to them that if two people are talking, they need to say excuse me or wait their turn.
  10. Don’t make fun of others:  This is really important to teach your child because it only shows signs of weakness if your child makes fun of others.  Teach them everyone is different in their own way.

What are some other manners you think are important to teach kids?


  • Victoria - the little lady with a baby!

    Manners dont cost anything, but make the world of difference! There is nothing worse than seeing a child out with no manners, and worse..a parent that doesnt correct/enforce them. Sharing is so important too. Great post!!!


  • Heidi W.

    Manners are so important. Kids, not just teenagers, are so rude these days. We are working on a lot of these right now. When they get a little older, I think holding doors is a good one. As well as respect for others especially elders (like giving up your seat for an older person or pregnant woman).

    • Neesha


      We are working on these right now too! I think it’s a great post idea when Ayven gets a bit older to outline more manners 🙂 Holding doors is a really good one!

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