portable north pole: free personalized video from santa to your child

My sister in law did this for my niece last year and I thought it was so clever and cute!

Here’s what she did it: She had her write her letter to Santa like they did every year, “mail it” and then went to this site where she had this awesome video, in my niece’s name, emailed to her for them to watch as her response.

Basically you go to the PNP website, (PNP=Portable North Pole), and click on ‘get started’ in their homepage. Right now, they have this awesome promo where you get to make a video for FREE, since it’s their 5th anniversary. So why not? Your kids will love it!

You will get asked things like what their average day is like, what grade/age they are, what their best quality is, (there is a list of qualities to choose from like generous, fast, courageous etc.), what they have had to make an effort with this year, (i.e. homework, being nice to their sibling or eating vegetables etc.) and what they want for Christmas, (with a list of items and categories).

You also get to upload a pic and describe it, (she had sent in a family vacation picture and then Santa in the video talked about their vacation and my niece was super surprised…with that “how does he know all this” look on her face). The video looks so real with elves, Santa’s library and it is just amazing how personal it is with all these little touches.

It’s magical.

While at some point, kids stop writing letters to Santa on their own, for the precious years that they do, this is a great way to let their imagination soar and give them the gift of believing.

Have a happy and magical holiday season 🙂


p.s. this post is NOT sponsored.

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