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Life is great after your baby is born and you are still in the hospital.  People are waiting on you hand and foot, the nurses are changing your diapers and only hand your baby over for cuddle time and feeding time.  You have people helping you get out of bed and meals given to you on demand and at scheduled times.  I remember after nursing so much, all I had to do was to press a button and a midnight snack would be on my table.  Then you come home and reality hits.  There are blankets all over the house, you are on 2 hours of sleep and preparing a meal is simply not an option during the 2 minute break you get..that’s why I would really recommend everyone out there who have friends that are expecting to use Mealtrain.

I participated in one for a really good friend of mine and I know it was a savior when she got a nice home cooked meal on the table without lifting a finger.

What is it?

It’s a free and organized way for you to help prepare meals for the new family without all the hassle of figuring out what they like to eat, what they are  allergic to and which diet restriction they have.  The website is very user friendly and flexible enough so you can really help the new family.  Check out our post on how to really help a new mom when a newborn arrives

How does it work?

You get together a list of friends who are interested in helping the new family out.  You then go to the website and create a shared calender and fill out the new family’s preferences such as what they like to eat, what they don’t like to eat, when they would like a meal brought to them and so much more.

You then send out that calender to your list of friends and they can start choosing dates and times and meals to bring based on the preferences set when you set up the calender.  The functionality includes

  • Real-time meal calendar
  • Ability to customize dates, times, and meal preferences
  • Invitations via e-mail and facebook
  • Reminder emails
  • Add booked dates to a personal calendar automatically

Here is a video on how it work:

Guess what?  The best part is, you get a chance to meet the new baby at the same time when you drop off the meal.  Remember just stay for 10 to 15 minutes as it’s not a get together, just a time to give the new mom a moment.

So for everyone out there who have expecting friends or family set up a Meal Train and give them their mommy moment 🙂


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