11 types of parents you see at school


My kids have been in daycare/preschool since the age of 1 and over the years I have noticed so many different types of parents at drop off and pick up.  The list below is not written to judge any type of mom, I just think it’s quite entertaining after 5 years of it because I feel like I have probably been each of these types at least once if not more.  Working moms or stay at home moms, we all have our days and I fully admit I have been the unorganized and always in a rush parent pretty often!

  1. The “peppy parent.”  This parent is peppy ALL the time.  6 am drop offs are full of big smiles and loud voices.
  2. The “non approachable parent.”  This parent doesn’t really care to talk or even say hi to anybody.  They want to drop off their kid and get to where they need to be as soon as possible.  They have no intention of making friends or chatting.
  3. The “unorganized parent.”  This parent is a hot mess often.  They forget things all the time like lunches, water bottles and blankets.  They have no idea when the class is taking field trips or if an activity is planned at school.  It’s just hard for them to get it together but again every mom’s situation is different so no judging.
  4. The “fashionista parent.”  Dress to impress seems to be the goal of this parent.  No matter what time of day, rain or shine, this parent is beautified from head to toe.  Forget walking out that door with sweats.  This parent always “looks” like they have it together.
  5. The “chatty cathy parent.”  This parent talks to every teacher, teachers aid, admins and even some of the kids just during drop off or pick up.  The parent is there for at least 30 minutes after the kid gets dropped off.
  6. The “OCD parent“.  This parent has to make sure everything is perfect for their child.  That their blankets are in the right place, everything is clean, their folders are emptied daily and they pack 10 napkins for lunchtime.
  7. The “negative parent.”  This parent thinks everything sucks.  It’s complaints the minute they enter the school.  Asking why their child isn’t sitting in a certain spot or why the school is not doing certain things in a certain way.  We all have bad days but this parent is constantly a debby downer.
  8. The “gossip parent.”  This parent is all about some gossip.  The minute they get you into a conversation it’s all about what a certain teacher did or what another parent is doing.  They corner you and you sometimes can’t get out!
  9. The “I have to get work parent”  This parent has a one track mind.  Drop of their kid and get to work.  They do the bare minimum of dropping off, giving a kiss and saying a quick hi to the teacher.
  10. The “always in a rush parent.”  This parent is always in a hurry for pick up and drop off.  They are running late for meetings, activities and school functions.

And finally the type of parent we all aspire to be but we know in reality it doesn’t happen everyday!

11.  The “well-balanced parent.”  This parent has it together, some days they are off like all of us.  They say their hello’s as they pass people, give their kid a hug and kiss and greet the teacher.  They pretty much know enough to know what’s upcoming on their child’s schedule and prepare for it.

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