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The Miracle Behind Visha Skincare

At Chai Mommas, we are all too uncomfortably yet comfortably familiar with the story you are about to read. Everyone’s journey into motherhood is different and for most, there is no fairy tale experience…for most of us, something didn’t go as planned. But for some of us, the unplanned turns into something so much more. So incredibly different that nothing, no one could ever prepare you for. In honor of World Prematurity Day which was on November 17th, we wanted to share the story behind Visha Skincare. We stand by these incredible products (our quick list of favorites are the Advanced Correcting Serums, Advanced Bright Eye Booster, Face to Feet Body Balm and Bump to Baby – so good for eczema) having used the line for well over 4 months now, but the story of why they came to be, is equally something that we felt had to be shared.  For it’s the stories of courage in the face of adversity, the love in the unknown but the faith in knowing that this was supposed to be journey all along…when the time is right, it’s these stories that end up being the reason for a greater purpose than we could have ever imagined. Thank you from our hearts, Purvisha, for sharing so openly with us and for exuding such grace and passion in all that you do. 

Tuesday, January 19th 2010 3:00 am. We remember that night so vividly. There was a terrible thunderstorm outside and the thunder startled both myself and my husband enough to wake us up. As I tried to go back to sleep, I realized my water had broken. I was 26 weeks. As I awoke my husband, also a physician, we began to have a conversation that we now look back and describe as denial.


“Maybe, you urinated on yourself with the shock of the thunder?” my husband suggested.

“It would have stopped by now, though.” I replied.

So wrapped in towels, we braved the storm outside to come to the hospital. As we both sat in the car, we discussed our busy and full clinics the next day, and the fact that surely this could not be happening to us. We were too busy for this. We had a planned pregnancy with the best prenatal care, more than a handful of ultrasounds, and surely I was “taking it easy”.

When we arrived at the hospital, the reality began to sink in. It only took one strip of paper to change color for the wheels to start turning. There was no fluid left for her to swim in and she was breech. I was admitted for strict bed rest and labor was stopped twice over the course of the week. Our patients and families waited and prayed with us.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 6:00 am. I felt pressure and 2 legs on their way out. She was born by emergency cesarean at 8:11 am. She was 1.5 pounds and tiny. The nurses at the NICU and a million prayers got me through her three months plus stay. No amount of medical expertise or knowledge prepared us for this moment in life.

Amrita may have been a good patient, but I could describe myself as a difficult one. It took us five weeks to reach into her incubator to touch her. We were so fearful of infection. After much counseling by the nurses and my family, that she would not get an infection from me, I gave in to kangaroo care. Amrita began to thrive. Every day was a struggle for me with the every four then six-hour breast pump sessions, especially between patients and surgery. I threatened every day to quit, and cried continuously (likely not helped by the Reglan). The NICU doctors and staff sat me down and explained the importance of breast milk (I should know this right?). I continued and Amrita continued to thrive.

There was not a day that went by that I questioned if I had done anything that could have caused this to happen. Why did she come into the world so early? Will everything be ok? I had lost pregnancies in the past and I was constantly exposed to products and chemicals all day long in my busy dermatology practice. I researched them all, and soon realized that there is no dermatologist formulated skin care line safe to use in nursing and pregnancy.  This is when I went to the lab to formulate Visha Skincare Mommy Line. A skin care line that is safe to use, and that actually works for skin issues from melasma and acne to stretch marks and eczema. Visha Skincare Mommy Line takes the questions out of skin care at least, during this important time.

Amrita is now a smart, sassy, giggling and laughing 8 year old with a smile that takes everything inside me to leave her side. She continues to thrive both inside and out.

I still pray that she grows up to be “strong, healthy and beautiful”…a mantra passed down from my mother for me. I see the world-changing and I see that she will have countless opportunities to grow herself, so she can even more beautiful person. I will be here to lift her up and catch her if she falls, and I will continue to teach her to do this for those around her too.

To check out Visha Skincare, click here. And stay tuned for more reviews of this amazing line.

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