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A Professional Makeup Artist’s Cure For Dry Hands

Winters are harsh all around but dry, cracked hands makes the season especially tough to cope with. With frequent hand washing and constant use of hand sanitizer as a protective measure during the global pandemic, your five-fingered friends are left ragged, ripped, and in their worst state. What do we do about dry, cracked skin in the winter? Well thankfully, home remedies are easy enough with a good hand repair cream.

Here are some of my “professional makeup artist cures for dry hands” like my favorite hand creams and easy tips to keep your thirsty hands nourished & hydrated this winter!

1️⃣ Go for the Heavy-duty Creams or Ointments: 

Get in the routine of moisturizing your hands after washing them and getting out of the shower. Hand creams are thicker in consistency than hand lotions and provide a barrier that keeps skin more hydrated, which is a good defense against cold, dry air. A few of my favorite hand creams are Skinfix Eczema hand cream, CeraVe Therapeutic hand cream, Weleda skin food cream. 

2️⃣ Protect Yourself with Gloves:

Wear gloves when you go outside, while doing dishes or any other time your hands are exposed to water and/or chemicals for prolonged periods of time. 

3️⃣ Use a Hand Mask:

There are masks for almost every part of the body these days, face, lips, feet, butts! So remember to take some time to mask those trusty hands. Just like a sheet mask works for your face, a hand mask coats your skin with moisturizing benefits. And no, it’s not as messy as it seems, so try it out!

Karishma Mehta, a professional makeup artist based in Chicago. She offers her guidance to brides & clients as they prepare for their special day. With more than 7 years of experience Karishma has delivered incredible makeup and hair for hundreds of special events. Having worked with countless models, brides, and girls simply glamming it up for a good time, you can trust her to make you beautiful by revealing your sparkle and inner glow. She finds beauty and inspiration everywhere and keeps herself abreast with the latest trends in tools, techniques, and styles as well as enjoys sharing her tips and tricks to fellow beauty enthusiasts! Find her at @makeupby.karishma on Instagram.


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