mommy life as kids become independent

mommy life

As my kids get older and more independent, life is definitely getting easier!  I don’t feel like I am constantly running around with my head cut off!  Yes I still have days like that but I get a break to feel normal in between now 🙂

I get to do more now for myself or with my husband now and am really learning to appreciate just the small things that you really don’t get to do when you first have kids.  When we are in the newborn mode we always think to ourselves:

“I don’t think I will ever get to have dinner peacefully again”

“My nails look absolutely terrible….and you sit and think when will you ever make it to a salon”

“Time with my husband?  What is that?”

“I can only respond to text messages, who has time to talk on the phone?”

My kids are only 3 and 6, so they are not considered totally independent but last night we went to dinner and all the kids sat at their own table.  Total breath of fresh air.

In the mornings now, they get themselves dressed.  I still have to brush the teeth but that is one less thing I have to do which means breakfast gets on the table quicker!

I can go to a 6:00pm happy hour and not stress about being home to feed them or put them to bed.

I don’t want them growing up that fast but not gonna lie, this independent thing feels real good 🙂

I am also learning to let them be independent, finding that balance is hard.  On one end, when I don’t do their normal morning routine with them I get sad that they are doing on their own, but I remind myself, this is going to make them better people and teach them to take care of themselves.

Watching them play together and learn from each other is so rewarding.  Listening to the older one try to be the “parent” and control the younger one is priceless.  They help each other and are now understanding the true bond of family.

So to the moms with little ones out there, just want to tell you it does get easier!  I know there will be a different set of obstacles to go through but one day you will be able to make your nail appointment or go out on a date night so hang in there!

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