Pre/Post- Natal Physical Therapy

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I came across Body Gears Physical Therapy at one of my recent Orange Theory Classes. They were on site providing free injury and mobility screens. I decided to participate and have Dr. Lauren Mallari, DPT with Body Gears screen me and I was immediately impressed by the method they believe in and use. I had previously gone to a few doctors because my hip and pelvic bone was just sore and I was in pain at times. Before stumbling across these classes accidentally, I’d been looking into physical therapy places in Verona, NJ to resolve my hip and pelvic pain. Dr. Mallari was able to access the issues I was having and after a few sessions with her at the clinic [here in Scripps Ranch] she taught my body how to function more efficiently. Using manual therapy, Lauren was able to resolve the pain and re-train my body to move properly during physical activity and daily life.

Body Gears’ approach to helping patients is very unique compared to other physical therapy practices. The treatment sessions are one on one, lasting a minimum of 45 minutes, directly with the physical therapist. “Their team of therapists works as an integrated unit. They routinely collaborate about your condition determine how to speed progress, and are constantly “hands on” – engaging several therapists to perform two or more techniques simultaneously for greater effect. They discuss the clients’ conditions well beyond clinic hours, and thoroughly research appropriate interventions. They’re physical therapy geeks. It’s not just that they take five times more continuing education classes than required, it’s that as a company, they have determined that “Best Practice” means treating fewer patients each hour so that their therapists can effectively employ the very best, and newest, technical skills. Knowledge application means successful treatment. It’s not only their knowledge that impressed me but also their friendliness. I was talking to the physical therapy assistant who was telling me about the accredited PTA programs she took to get this job and also how rewarding the job is for her. They’re all so friendly!

Physical Therapy

My name is Lauren Rae Mallari, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and I work for Body Gears Physical Therapy at the San Diego, CA location. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you a little about myself and my practice. My passions (outside of Physical Therapy) are dance and cooking. I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011, from University of Saint Augustine here in San Diego. Over the past 5 years I have focused a big portion of my practice on treating and educating women on Women’s Health Issues. Through this blog, I hope to further educate women on the availability and effectiveness of Women’s Health Based Physical Therapy

As a DPT, one of the areas that I specialize in is the pelvic floor. Through soft tissue, joint and biomechanics treatment I can help women prepare for delivery (Prenatal or Prepartum) and after birth (Postnatal or Postpartum).

Specifically, for moms to be, I can help eliminate physical factors that may prevent a normal decent for the baby. Through manual work and neuromuscular re-education, the pelvic floor musculature can be strengthened and lengthened and the pelvic bones mobilized so the baby can easily move through the birth canal. Furthermore, I can also help mobility of the ribs, hips, knees and ankle joints so birthing positions become easier to achieve and maintain. Overall, the goal is to make the delivery process as seamless as possible for the mother and the baby!

As physical therapy can aid in an easier delivery process, physical therapy can also help post-baby. After pregnancy and delivery, a woman’s body can experience changes such as a weakened core, urinary incontinence and difficulty getting back to normal level of activity. I hear my friend got some fantastic support through her physical therapy from Sterling Heights Chiropractors. It is one of my goals to help women get back to pre-baby shape! Utilizing functional manual therapy, I can help the body to re-learn how to contract both the pelvic floor muscles and the core. These are essential areas that need to be trained in order to avoid urinary incontinence and low back pain, and help in an overall active and healthy lifestyle. If find yourself in a similar situation, one which you have no control over your bladder, then it might be a good idea for check out something like this website here to help you figure out what you should do next.

Of course, there is even more to discuss about Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Therapy, but I hope this shines some light on how Physical Therapy is so specifically important for women’s issues. Please check out Body Gears Wiggle Room and Humpty Dumpty programs that we offer to help women both before and after giving birth.


Please contact me directly at (858) 385-9400. I can offer free consultations and free women’s health and general physical therapy screens in the privacy of my clinic located at 9909 Mira Mesa Blvd. Suite #260, San Diego CA 92131.

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