The perfect mom

perfect mom

The other day I ran into a mom at school and she started talking about how she never had it together and just feels like there are so many moms that “look” so perfect to her.  This mom had her hair in a ponytail, some milk spilled on her while she carried her screaming 15 month old and just realized she totally forgot to bring lunch for her kid.

We have all been there.

She looked at me and goes “How do you do it?”  I looked at her and said “Do what?  What am I doing different than what you are doing?  I may not have stains on my clothes but that is only because my kids are older now.”

She really didn’t know how to answer.  I then responded to her and said:

We are all doing it in our own way.  We are all the perfect mom because perfect can mean anything.  Feeling like you are a hot mess at times and can’t get it together is part of being the perfect mom.

She looked at me as if some huge weight had been taken off her shoulders and that made my day.

Being a perfect mom is easy because it’s what works for you.  You want to give your kid a juice box and Oreo for his snack or a carrot and yogurt, you are still perfect.  You are getting up and starting your day to take care of your family the way YOU think is right.

That is being a perfect mom.

When your kid tells you they love you

That is reminding you, you are the perfect mom for your child.

There is a lot of pressure in our everyday mom world to feed our kids in a specific way, to allow only a specific amount of TV or iPAD time, to look totally put together when you walk out your door, to make a healthy dinner every night.  The list could go on and on.  That is just it, who made this list?  It wasn’t just one person.  It’s our motherhood community.  So you should embrace the various ways of approaching motherhood and find your perfect one because you are the perfect mom.

We see all these celebrity moms on the news, when we see them, we instinctively think “She is such a perfect mom.”  Guess what..those moms are taking care of their child and working just like you.  How they are doing it is just what works for their life.

Next time you go to your kid’s activity, look around.  You may see a tired mom, a mom who looks like she walked out of a salon, a hungover mom, a frustrated mom, an overly happy mom….but you are all there for the same reason, no matter how you got there.

So the next time you look at someone else and think to yourself that another mom seems perfect…take out your phone and take a selfie…because that mom in the picture is just as perfect in her own way 🙂

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