a secret tip on packing in an organized way

Whenever you buy something, your immediate reaction is to take the item out and throw the packaging away but guess what; you would be amazed of how much the packaging comes in handy!  I am referring to those plastic packages that you get crib sheets in or those foam block puzzles for kids.  Don’t throw these away!!!!  Here are some examples of the types of packaging:

You are probably wondering how in the world these can help me at all.  Here is my secret tip that not only makes packing super easy in an organized manner but also makes unpacking a breeze.


When packing your suitcase, those teeny tiny underwear and socks can become a mess when you are constantly going in and out of your suitcase.  Put each item in a separate plastic bag so it’s easy to get out and put back in.  I usually group together pajamas and underwear.  The packets in the picture are from a bunch of waterproof lining I bought for Ayven’s bed. Here is what my bags look like: 

Snack Bag in my Diaper Bag

This packaging was from a Curious George Puzzle he got for his birthday. It fits so much stuff in a compact way, won’t tear and can easily be cleaned if something spills. It also has a handle to make it easy to take it in and out of your bag.

Toiletry Bag
This packaging was from a set of onesies. It’s clear and if anything spills it’s so easy to clean. Best part is, Ayven can get his own toothbrush out because it’s to open.

Once you pack all your stuff in the plastic packages, it fits so nicely in your suitcase. If you are traveling to a hotel and you are one of those people that need to unpack immediately (like me!!!!), you can still keep the clothes in the packet but put them in the drawer. When it’s time to come home, it will be a breeze since everything is already folded and organized!

Other ways I used those plastic packages:

  • Medicine kit
  • Wet clothes at the beach: Regular plastic bags rip and can leak water, these are so easy to clean and sterilize
  • Dirty clothes after traveling
  • Travel toys
  • Travel documents

Parents you can use this tip when packing your stuff also, just use bigger packaging from pillows, sheets or other items you use in your day to day life.

What are some packing tips you have?

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