tips on saving time as working parents

If you are working parents and a bedroom in your house has looked like this at one point in time comment below because you are not alone!

Working full time and taking care of your family feels like 2 full time jobs that you have to get done in an 18 hour period. I often feel like I don’t get anything done outside of our normal family day to day routine. How many moms feel like the laundry never gets done, the house has stuff all over it, the kids closets have clothes in them since they were babies, or their garage is a hot mess? I was feeling like that constantly and still do from time to time but I truly love my job and have no desire to give it up so had to find a way to make it work!  Also with baby #2 on the way, it’s only going to get crazier!

1. Set aside time for your child every day: In our house after we clean up from dinner until Ayven’s bed time is our time with him. It’s only like an hour, sometimes 30 min but that one on one time means so much to the kids. Play toys, puzzles, watch a movie, read a book or sing songs because those 30 mins to an hour is so precious to the whole family. PUT YOUR CELL PHONES DOWN during that time. It’s not fair to your kids that you are surfing the net or texting away because it’s their time with you.

2. Grocery Shopping: I know it’s exhausting but try to go maybe one evening out of the week after the kids are down. You will get time for yourself, shop in peace and not be all stressed out that you have to get dinner ready. DO NOT go without a list to the store or else you are adding unnecessary time to your shopping. Keep a running list during the week on your fridge and when you remember something just write it down or else you will forget stuff all the time because our minds are all over the place!

3. Plan out your meals: Don’t decide at 5:30 what to make for dinner because that’s adding time into your day! Pick a day out of the week and plan your meals. You can even use this cool app that Chai Mommas Love: Menu Planner App Review. Try creating meals that will last you more than one day or if you know you have a late meeting, make something simple. If you know you need chopped onions for three of your meals that week..just chop them all at one time and keep it in the fridge. It will save you time prepping for the following meal. If you need dinner ideas, here are some Chai Mommas recipes:

4. Set 1 goal each week: Set 1 goal that you want to get done in the house that week. Things like clean out the first child’s closet (not all your kid at one time), organize garage, vacuum house, or wash car. Set goals you know you can achieve that week. If you set goals you know you can’t achieve you will feel very stressed out and feel like you are falling behind in life!

5. Laundry: DO NOT try to do all of it at one time. Throw a load in the morning before work and fold that one load at night after the kids are down while you relax and watch a TV show. Then throw another load that night and fold it the following night. This way you are not overwhelming yourself but you also won’t have baskets of unfolded clothes sitting in your guest room!

6. When possible have dinner together as a family: I know it’s hard to do this every day as one parent comes home late from work or dinner is running late but this is so important for your child. Not only do they learn good eating habits watching you, it’s a time to sit down and talk about your day.

7.  Take a mommy moment:  If it means meeting a girlfriend for coffee, having a simple phone conversation with no interruptions, going to dinner with a friend, do it.  I know as a working parent this is VERY hard for me to do.  It’s never about me because there is so much going on.  I can’t say I do this yet but am learning to do this!  Having friends that can relate to you is KEY because they are the ones that will give you that breather you need.  If you don’t have time after work, go out to lunch once a week with a coworker or even your favorite book/magazine.

I am always looking for more tips as a working parent so please comment below and share.

“Don’t try to get everything done in 1 week, prioritize and make sure you know your family time comes first or else you will never feel like you have caught up in life :)” ~ ChaiMommas

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