parents…make time for date night!

In our busy lives as parents, it’s hard to stay connected to each other sometimes.  We get busy in the day to day routine and easily lose track of one another.  It happens to the best of us.  But try to keep that spark alive…make date night (or day!) a regular thing mommies and daddies.  Check out what we Chai Mommies (and Daddies :)) are doing…from simply taking a stroll together to indulging at a new restaurant and more!

Mommies and daddies out there…we wanna know what are you guys doing for date night?

-Chai Mommas

Neesha and Amar

When we lived in DC, my husband and I loved to dress up and go out to try new restaurants and bars. Okay let me make a correction here – I loved to dress up which means he had to dress up by default! Back then, we had no kids so it was a date night every weekend! Now with kids, getting out the door is a process much less with a designer dress and stiletto heels.

We definitely do not go on date nights very often, so we made a tradition to once a month get all dressed up, call our babysitter and try a new restaurant in town. It has to be somewhere new that we both have never been to. It’s our time to splurge and it’s so worth it to get that alone time and talk about adult stuff. Plus it’s an excuse for me to buy a new dress which does not come around as often as it used to!  Confession…we end up talking about the kids the majority of dinner but at least we’re eating in peace!


Puja and Amish

While we love special romantic dinners, after having our baby, our on the whim nights on the town definitely decreased! We try to take Laila everywhere we go, but there are times we need to reconnect and for us, since we live in southern California, one of our favorite dates is walking along the ocean on the beach.

We know that this isn’t always a weather friendly date for all, and so while we lived in New York, we used to love taking walks through Central Park, which always had it’s own character through each season: its fall leaves, spring blooms, summer plays/the zoo and winter ice skating.  Finding your own city’s natural beauty is a perfect place to re-connect with your soul mate 🙂


Shraddha and Hitesh

Date nights used to be so much easier before we became parents…we used to meet up for happy hours, go out to dinner even last minute on a work night and grab brunch by the ocean on the weekend.  Things have definitely changed and we just don’t have that luxury anymore.  One of our favorite, regular date nights now is put Jai down to sleep and come downstairs to our living room, light a few candles, share a dessert and just talk…reconnect.

As parents, we often forget about our partner in the midst of all the parenting,  the running around, the lack of sleep.  But sometimes all you simply need is a little time to reconnect and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to even venture out of the house or do anything fancy.


Reena and Vipul

My husband and I try to have “us” time as much as we can. After having our kiddos, it’s been a little harder to get out but regardless of that, we still make every effort to spend time together. We’re very fortunate that we work from home and set our own work hours, so we usually go for lunch together and catch a matinee movie flick whenever we get a chance.

Other than that, once in awhile we go out for dinner on the weekends to a place we both enjoy eating at. I know it’s hard to spend time with your soul mate but take the time out to, because it’s so important for both of you to make time to just catch up on one another’s lives.

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