thanksgiving side dishes: 2 amazing vegetarian recipes


Thanksgiving Sides Recipes: Vegetarian Stuffing and Potatoes

Here Christine O’Connor shares some of her favorite thanksgiving side dishes with us…and the bonus? Both are vegetarian so perfect for everyone at the table:)

Traditionally, people associate Thanksgiving with eating turkey. But to me, it’s all about “the sides.”

Side dishes are what make the Thanksgiving meal so special… and, so delicious. The first recipe I’m sharing here is stuffing that tastes just as good outside the bird as it does when cooked inside. The second is what my family calls, “smashed potatoes.” There’s no cream and no worries for healthy mommas out there! Plus, grandma doesn’t have to slave over the potatoes and try to get all of the lumps out of them. Once you try potatoes this way, I promise you’ll never go back, plus kids love helping smash them with you! Chai Momma Puja says she also adds some roasted garlic to her potatoes if you want a little boost of flavor. Simply roast some garlic cloves with olive oils and “smash in”! What are your family favorites for Thanksgiving sides?

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