Will the US finally get paid family leave?


Paid family leave has been a hot topic in the Democratic debate.  The big question right now is if we as nation will let families figure it out on their own or come together to adopt a solution that works for all.  A way in where putting your family first doesn’t force you to lose your job or even position.

In Hillary Clinton’s opening remarks for the Democratic debate she stated “It’s about time we had paid family leave for American families and join the rest of the world.”  Bernie Sanders, the Senator of Vermont agreed by stating “We should not be the only major country that does not provide medical and parenting leave to all our families.”  Many others such as Florida Senator, Marco Rubio, a Republican primary came out with his own paid family leave proposal.

The “Make it Work” campaign focuses on advancing women and working families’ economic issues.  In the recent poll, results found that 75% of voters say they support a package of work-family policies that includes paid family leave, paid sick days, equal pay and affordable child care.  Over 50% of voters are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports this plan.  The shocking part of this result is that 55% of men also would vote for a candidate that supports this plan.

Currently California, New Jersey and Rhode Island have adopted paid leave and have had positive reports from both employees and employers.  Large companies such as Netflix, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook and Google have also adopted paid leave policies for parents.  It may not be a perfect policy for all families, but at least they are offering something to move in the right direction.

Although employers can’t handle this change on their own, which is why presidential candidates are taking matters into their own hands.  The Family Act is supported by many; the bill that guaranteed paid leave to care for new children and those with serious illness.

Reference:  Article information taken from CNBC http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/14/paid-family-leave-is-finally-inevitable-commentary.html





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