To the friends who have weddings with no kids

weddings with no kids

Dear friends who have weddings with no kids,

I want to say thank you.  When we as parents get invited to a wedding without kids, our initial reaction is “umm what are we supposed to do with our kids?”  It’s a natural reaction, especially those who don’t have family nearby to just do the drop and go thing.  We stress and automatically tell ourselves that we can’t go.

We never take a minute to think about ourselves and realize that at times we need to get away and you help us remember that is it okay.  That we can still have a great time without our kids.  You give us a chance to spend time with our significant other and focus on our relationship.

My husband I recently went to 2 weddings with no kids in the last few months and we can hands down say it was some of the most fun nights we have had in a long time.  We let loose without stressing about 6pm dinner times and if our kid pooped that day.  We grabbed a drink in the middle of the afternoon, hell we grabbed 4 without a worry that we needed to get our parenting hat on in 2 hours.

I had a chance to do my makeup with my friends.

“Not the quick powder, eyeliner, mascara routine but the real deal.  I actually had time to do my contour, concealer and eye shadow”


weddings with no kids

I wore heels and a white dress without stressing about stains.  We danced and laughed with our friends until we had tears coming out of our eyes.  We stayed out until 4am, ate late night pizza and didn’t have to wake up at 6am to make breakfast.

So thank you for giving us an opportunity to let go and have fun.

~A full time working mom


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