8 creative tooth fairy ideas


Being a tooth fairy is a tough job. My daughter lost her first tooth when she was 5 and having the duty as a fairy was exciting but also as a first timer it was a little nerve-racking! I wanted to do something creative for my kids where it would be memorable for them.

When I was growing up I remember writing a little note to the fairy on a piece of binder paper and putting my tooth in a zip loc bag and tucking both these items under my pillow. I then would wake up with a few dollars under my pillow and I remember how excited I would be! “OH HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED”! My sister visits Fort Wayne Dentist when her kids lose their teeth, just so the dentist can check her kids mouths are ok so I might start doing this too.

Having the 3 kids, I feel that I have to be more creative to think of notes, or items to leave for the tooth fairy and then also what to write or give back. I know also the question always is “how much money do I leave each time”? On an average it’s usually $1 per a tooth. Some parents are real generous but at the end of the day it is up to you. When my kids lost their first tooth we left them $5 but after that it was always a $1. I’m already thinking about what we’ll do when they have to have their teeth extracted though. My friend who goes to a Dentist Marlborough told me that when her daughter had her tooth removed it wasn’t stressful at all. She even gave her daughter the $1 from the tooth fairy too! Here is a poll on what an average parent would pay and a chart on what each year a parent pays for a tooth! http://www.theoriginaltoothfairypoll.com/the-original-poll/


Here are a few creative ways for the Tooth Fairy:

  1. Leaving fairy dust dollar bills: When you leave your child money under their pillow you can spray glitter hairspray onto the bill so your child thinks the fairy put fairy dust on the bill.
  2. Tooth Fairy Pillow: you can buy this online and they are so convenient to put the tooth in or you can DIY as well. It is easier to grab a pillow then a note and tooth. You can also buy a pillow that you can hang on the door knob so you do not disturb your child in the middle of the night tugging under their pillow.
  3. DIY tooth Fairy Door: I thought this was such a cute idea, every time your tooth falls out you can put a tooth fairy door for the fairy to enter in and out by your bed or a shelf. To make it even more surprising you can leave some glitter footprints or glitter around the door so your child feels that she left behind fairy dust and she actually was there.
  4. Leave Some Fairy dust on a window seal with her foot print: If you do not want to make a door, this is a great little surprise as well. You can use a figurines foot print and put it in the glitter and then stamp it around on a windowsill.
  5. Tooth Fairy Box: You and your child can make a tooth fairy box where your child can keep their tooth and note in the box for the fairy.
  6. DIY Tooth Fairy Note Card: You can decorate a card for your tooth fairy and have your child write a little note to her and make it all pretty with stickers, glitter, handprints, paint you name it! To even top this, you can add little glitter when your child has fallen asleep, when placing the money under the pillow so they feel that she left behind some dust.
  7. Tooth Fairy Pressed Penny: This is a memorable keepsake for your child to have. You will just have to order this penny prior to being the fairy so you have it on time for your child!
  8. Read books on the Tooth Fairy: There are so many books out there on the tooth fairy that you can read to your child the night before, so they are prepared to what will happen. Here are a few that we enjoy: The Night Before the Tooth Fairy, Peppa Pig: Tooth Fairy Book, Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy, and Loose The Tooth.
Hope all of this helps because being a fairy is a tough job! Let me know what other creative ideas you have used as a fairy! 🙂

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