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Have You Scheduled Your Annual Health Check?

You know the feeling – that uneasiness when you can’t quite recall when your last dedicated blood workup was or your cervical screen or your breast check. It’s that time to think about your annual health check.  You have a few symptoms niggling at you and deep down you know it’s time to schedule all appointments and prioritize your health and hormones.

A great way to bring some regularity to your health appointments is to check out the annual health calendar in your country. For example, in the USA it is a national Breast Cancer Awareness month each October.  This is the perfect time to book in for your overdue breast check. There are particular months and days dedicated to all kinds of health awareness campaigns. Look them up, get inspired, and book in your appointments and before you know it, your diary will be sorted with your health appointments from your cervical screen to your hormonal blood panel – sorted. Rinse and repeat each year and never fall behind with your health checks again.

Another great way to ensure your health appointments happen is to make it a habit that every time you book a health appointment for your child, you book one for yourself too. A dental appointment for your little one, a cervical screen for you. An optometrist appointment for your munchkin, a thyroid blood panel for you. 1 for 1. The health of the Mamma affects the entire family unit.

International Women’s Day is annually on Monday 8th March. This is also a good chance to prioritize yourself and honor yourself by booking in your health appointments to keep you thriving.

Of course, if you experience any worrying symptoms or signs, please book yourself in immediately for a check-up with your health care provider.


Kimberley is a Reproductive Health Massage Therapist with 15 years of experience as a health practitioner, specializing in Women’s Health with a focused interest in fertility, post natal healing and reproductive health imbalances. Her work combines an ancient style of fertility and women’s health massage and bodywork, blending a nurturing combination of physical, emotional and spiritual techniques. A deeply healing and non-invasive therapy, it can help with circulation, hormonal balance and regulating the menstrual cycle, womb alignment, scar tissue release and post natal healing. This unique healing massage is for all people for all stages of life and may especially support people who have Endometriosis, PCOS, amenorrhea, PMS, fertility challenges, IVF support and new mommas. Kimberley dives deep into her work with passion, sensitivity and empathy, walking with women on their fertility, menstrual health and post natal journeys. She understands that to ready our bodies for healing, healthy cycles and hormones, conscious conception, pregnancy and post natal recovery, we need to connect into our womb wisdom and nurture our heart to womb connection. Kimberley’s work centers around the guiding principle that for women to flourish with optimal health, fertility and menstrual harmony, Womb Medicine is a powerful modality that ignites the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself and needs to play an integral role as the missing link to the holistic framework of women’s health. Kimberley is Anglo-Indian and was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia and currently studying Chinese Medicine, specializing in herbal medicine and acupuncture. 


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