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Yesterday, we celebrated my sister-in-law and her baby to be with a small lunch get together. This is Swati’s third baby – another sweet baby girl will soon be joining our family (so excited!) and even though she didn’t particularly desire another shower or sprinkle, she was convinced to let us at least coordinate an intimate Sunday lunch with just a few of the girls. Something that every momma needs before the crazy fun of having a newborn in the house begins.

Although it was very low-key (this is how it went down: Swati picked the restaurant which served California inspired Italian fare + for simple decor we brought in pink/white balloons and a lilac/buttercup floral arrangement + we asked for a cheese plate to share (instead of dessert) + a fizzy drink toast + family-style meal = fuss-free celebration. see it can be that simple!) my other sister-in-law Arti and I wanted to treat Swati to a couple of special treats…after all, no matter how many babies you’ve had – it is definitely an occasion to celebrate. But just what do you give a mom who is having baby number three, especially when the baby is another girl? When momma has everything she practically needs and is so seasoned at being a fantastic mom, that the truth is there’s pretty much nothing that she doesn’t already have or need or know about.

Well, if anyone else out there is also looking – here’s the perfect gift. For Swati, I knew I just had to get a piece of jewelry made with Three Sisters Design company. Who doesn’t need beautiful, handmade jewelry and come on…could it be more perfect for Swati? Three Sisters?!! Really?? When she’s going to be the proud momma of three sisters herself in just a few short months. Seriously, it could not have been more perfect. Jewelry is something that we all can love and admire and to get a piece that suits the person down to a ‘T’ is amazing to witness, there are some great jewelers out there that can custom design your jewelry as well as have unique antique jewelry for you. If that is something you would like to see and possibly get for yourself or someone else then check out JACOBS THE JEWELLER.


I first heard about this California-based company when I was gifted with my very own necklace from my cousin and his lovely wife (thanks Kavita and Samit!) after having my son this year. I received a beautiful necklace representing each of my boys by their initial. This necklace has quickly become a favorite and is so precious to my heart that I knew when the time was right, someone very special to me was getting one too.


So again the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We had Swati’s necklace made to represent her three daughters with three S’s – each of their names begins with S. We got to choose the color of stones…a red stone to symbolize determination, strength, power, and love. And a white pearl to symbolize purity, grace, and innocence. These are all characteristics which her two older daughters already show and the youngest will surely inherit too, being around such amazing girls…including of course her momma.


I love that you’re able to completely customize the jewelry you want with Three Sisters Design. From necklaces to bracelets, they have beautiful pieces to match every style preference. And again, everything is pretty much totally customizable and hand-stamped making each piece unique and one of a kind. Makes for the perfect gift for any girl but with Mother’s Day coming up, it’s a very unique option that I know all moms – especially the ones who already have everything – would love. Swati was all smiles when she got hers….hopefully she’ll love it as much as I love mine.


So Swati, thank you for allowing us to spoil you with an afternoon out full of delightful company, delicious food, uncontrollable laughter and just plain and simple – a good time. Thank you for also letting me be a such a big part of your sweet girls’ lives. It is an honor to be their aunt – their ‘mami’. I hope that every time you put on that necklace, you are reminded of just how much you are loved by your three S’s and how lucky you all are to have each other.



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