5 ways to get your mind and body back


My husband and I are at a point in our life where we are content with our family! We have 3 children.  My eldest is 6, the middle is 4, and the youngest is 17 months.  My husband and I always wanted a big family.  My husband has 3 other siblings so he is use to a big family, where I am an only child and missed out on the fun of having siblings, so I knew that when I had kids I definitely wanted more than one.  Fortunately for me my dream came true and we have been blessed with the 3 wonderful children.  As we all know though, with that blessing comes great responsibility, so unfortunately for us as adults this means very limited time for ourselves.  With children, you have to make an effort to find the time to take care of YOU.  This is something I have really focused on for the past few months.  I have made time to take care of my mind and body because ultimately this helps me to be a better mother and wife.

In my experiences, I have realized that life is too short.  I lost my dad at a very young age (57) and it took a toll on all of us, emotionally and physically.  Because of this I have learned to pay more attention to the happy details and moments in life because they really are precious, and to let go of all the little negative things that often times consume us.  Focus your energy on the positive things in life and trust me you will feel much more at peace.  Here are five tips to help you focus on getting your mind and body back to where you want it to be:

  1. Focus on your health! After having my third child I can say I went into pilot mode  Specifically, when it came to my health.  I did not exercise much and was not eating healthy.  Over the last few months I have realized how much I miss exercising regularly.  It really does give you so much natural energy during the day and helps me to sleep better at night.  Don’t push yourself to do too much, even an hour or so a day can really make a difference.  For me specifically, I have been concentrating on cardio at the gym and attending a program called The Dailey Method.  They have both worked wonders!!
  2. Focus on your diet.  I can tell you that I personally LOVE FOOD!!  I am willing to try almost anything and everything.  And let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with this, because a lot of it is about portion control.  An overload on carbs is a no bueno! It’s all about enjoying your food in small amounts.  The suggested plan is six small meals a day and of course make sure to incorporate your fruits, veggies, etc, so those six meals are well balanced.
  3. Focus on your mental health.  Like I said before , taking care of yourself helps you take care of your family.  I am a firm believer in this!!  If you are mentally and physically healthy it will help you get through your days, and will help keep you focused on what needs to get done.  Push away all the negative things in your life.  I know that is easier said than done sometimes, and there are always going to be challenges or curve balls thrown your way but change the way you manage or cope with them.   There are so many tools that can help you with this including deep breathing techniques, exercise(this one helps me blow off steam sometimes) amongst many other things.  My advice is to find what works best for YOU.
  4. Take time to focus on your relationship with your spouse/significant other.  Building a good connection and having strong communication with my husband has helped me be a happier person.  My husband and I have our “check in days” where we talk about our day or week.  This is helpful because as a couple we have a tendency of getting so caught up with our day to day life, that we forget that we need a moment with our spouse.  This will help strengthen your relationship and ensures you are both on the same page.  If you are always connected and communicating with your spouse/significant other it can help eliminate some of the stresses of life.  Remember to work as a team because there is strength in numbers.
  5. Don’t doubt yourself.  You can do whatever you put your mind to. Follow your instincts and trust your gut.  This even applies to day-to-day life.  Do what your instinct and gut tells you and everything will work out.  Again, remember to inhale the positive, and exhale the negative.

Starting today let it be about you!!  Focus on what is most important to you when it comes to making a positive change.  Change can be positive!! I have felt a big difference in my life for the past few months and hope to keep it going in the future.

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