13 signs you found your mommy best friend

Mommy Best Friend

When my husband and I moved to San Diego, we didn’t know a single person.  We didn’t have kids, we had new jobs and I was already missing the East Coast life.  After a few months we ended up buying a house and knowing someone on our street..what a small world!  None of our families lives near us so when it was time to have kids, it definitely required us to become stronger and learn to just figure it out as we went and honestly I wouldn’t change that for the world!  We have learned so much as family and about each other.

We have met the most AMAZING people in San Diego and have the greats circle of friends anyone could ask for.  As I started my journey through motherhood I did realize that every mommy needs that one go to friend to keep her and her life sane and I have been blessed to find just that.  It’s not just the mommy friend, it’s the whole family that you become friends with.

It’s not easy to find but when you need to vent or cry or smile without a single judgement, having that perfect mommy friend will be the best feeling ever.  As I have grown to become like a sister to my mommy friend, there is so much we have learned of why this friendship turned out so perfect.

12 signs you have found your mommy best friend

Your kid took a shit and your mommy BFF changes it without even letting you know

You schedule a happy hour the minute you see the “i need a break” look in their eye

If one goes out of town, the other does their grocery shopping so they are ready for the week

If you are in the mood to go clubbing they go find a party dress stat

You send a text anytime of the day about anything going on and they respond

Whenever you pick up something for your kids, you always think about their kids and get it for them if they need

Your husbands are closer than the both of you are at times

No matter how many kids they have you invite all the kids over for a sleepover to give them a break

You give advice even if advice is not needed

Your kids want to stay at their house more than yours most of the time

You are there for the entire family, through the good and bad times

When one wants a total cheat day on eating, the other brings over fried food and cold beer

They know your entire family’s eating habits including your husband

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  • Reena

    This is exactly is Neesha! So blessed to have you and your family as our family! Love you guys!

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