DIY deodorant

DIY deodorant that works

When I switched to a DIY deodorant, I knew I had truly kissed my commercial products days goodbye. I had already been hooked on an all natural face care line whose face cream is so natural that you can probably spread on your toast and be ok. Not to mention my no paraben makeup and even those organic cotton tampons. It was only a matter of time that I embraced the full on hippie-ness of my SoCal lifestyle and threw out that Toms deodorant stick. (but I definitely was not going to be going the hairy armpits smelly route…not that there is anything wrong with it if you are that way…it’s just not for me)

I was already using a natural deodorant stick for a number of reasons. Besides the many articles on why it’s better for you, my mom’s oncologist from Sloan Kettering in NYC actually told her it would be better not to use an aluminum containing antiperspirant after her breast cancer episode. Definitely reason enough in my book.

A few months ago, my sister, a doctor of acupuncture and herbs, ran a DIY deodorant workshop. She said using this actually promotes lymph health!  I realized that it was so cheap and simple to make your own and I loved that I knew every ingredient going in this way. But would it work? Would it help prevent the sweat from teaching yoga? Would it combat the increased body temperature of running around as a mom?

And the biggest question…would it mask the body smells of high metabolic foods from the garlic and onion infused curry dishes of my motherland?

Here’s the thing to know, it took my body about a week to get used to a natural deodorant I had switched to years ago (if you want to go that route, I LOVE the Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant Stick), and then when I switched to this DIY version, it took me a few days also. Just have patience if you are going straight from your Dove or Teen Spirit to a DIY cream, because you will need to give your body time to wean off the “deodorant crack” and to adjust. What I mean by adjust is that there maybe a few smelly days, especially after hot yoga. On those days, I kept the jar in my purse to reapply when needed. Another tip is to wear black shirts on the days you are “adjusting” as the mixture could seem like it is “staining” clothing, and it’s just the mix getting on clothing. It easily comes out in the wash and I have rarely had the problem.  To prevent this, you can apply a layer of talc free powder before wearing clothing. 

So back to the matter at hand. Does this DIY cream really work?

Yes. One magic day not too long after I started, I didn’t need to reapply. And I didn’t smell anything (and no I wasn’t used to B.O.- I asked my very honest husband). It just worked.

It works. It really works.

I have been using this exact deodorant cream for a few months now and my armpits are really happy as are the people around me 😉

I just think about how awesome it would have been if I had figured this out a teenager. I would have saved many dollars and had more chemical free days in my life. So mommas of deodorant wearing kids- definitely check this out. While we are conscious about what they put in their body, what they put on their body is important too!

And don’t fret. When you hear DIY it can be scary. I am not that Betty Crocker make it all yourself type of mom either. This thing takes literally a total of few minutes.

Here’s that easy recipe from Dr. Mili Shah L.Ac at Seva Holistic Health:

For a 2 oz. jar of deodorant cream:


2 tbsp. shea butter or coconut oil
1 tsp. jojoba oil (if you are using shea butter)
1-2 tbsp. Arrowroot powder or Kudzu powder
1-2 tbsp. Baking soda
6 drops essential oils of your choosing (I usually use 2 small drops each of tea tree, sage and lavender)


In a microwavable bowl mix the shea butter, jojoba oil (or coconut oil) and microwave for 20-30 seconds until it melts. (fyi: if you are making a huge batch you can do it in a double boiler on the stove but for a small amount like this it get’s super messy so microwave is best)
Slowly mix in the powder ingredients to avoid clumping.
Add essential oils and mix in.
Wait until the mixture has slightly cooled and transfer it to a glass jar.

To use: take a dime sized dollop, and apply to both underarms, let it set, and then wear clothing.  

p.s. a lot of these ingredients come in handy for other things too (we love coconut oil and essential oils!) and you will definitely have extra. the jar lasts awhile and these ingredients don’t go bad so you can save them for the next time also!





  • Pretal

    What brand of essential oils do you use? DoTerra is the only brand I know of currently.

    • Puja

      hi! doterra is great- I linked the brands that are also great within the article to the oils:)

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