All natural constipation remedies for infants

When Ayven was born he averaged pooping every 6 days and was strictly on breast milk.  Now according to doctors, a child is not considered constipated unless the child has not gone poop for about 10 days on breast milk and about 7 on formula or solids.  Umm in mommy world a baby that has not pooped in two days we panic about constipation.  Hearing the baby scream and push to go poo is so hard and as a momma you feel so helpless.  Having the baby be cranky ALL day because they cannot poo is so sad to and makes you as a mom very flustered.

After that 6th day when Ayven pooed he was a totally different baby.  Smiling, playing and laughing until the next feeding then the whole process started all over again.

Colic Calm

So what causes constipation?

Introduction to solid foods.  Whenever you introduce something new to your baby, their body undergoes a huge shock to take in what has just entered.

I didn’t want to give him any medications since he was so small but I did try a variety of natural remedies that helped ease his discomfort and sometimes helped him poo before the 6 day mark.  Here are some of the things I tried:


  • Massage that Tummy
  • Warm Bath: give them a warm bath placing a warm cloth onto their tummy.
  • Get those legs moving

Fresh Juices:  Try not to use the ready-made juice that is highly concentrated, making your own juice is healthier.

  • Pear
  • Prune
  • Apple

Natural supplements:

  • Gripe water
  • Colic Calm:  A great natural medicine to not only help tummy aches but also help your baby clean out after a feed.
  • Organic coconut oil:  Rub a small amount oil in the infants rectum to relieve the pressure when your baby is pushing.
  • Flax seed oil:  Pour a teaspoon into their milk to relieve the pain
  • Gripe Water: A natural water with  ginger, dill seed, fennel and chamomile.

Hope some of these natural remedies help your little one.  I know how it feels to have your little one in discomfort, so try to stay calm and relaxed, and eventually your little one will go.

What other remedies do you use or have tried with your little one? Would love to hear about it! 🙂

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