how we get our summer glow on

We’ve been getting questions about what our skincare and makeup routines look like lately. And while we seem to not have time for much these days, we do like to make time to take care of ourselves and look and feel good everyday.  With it being summer, right now our mission is to achieve that natural glow.  Today, each of us is sharing our step by step summer glow ready steps.  We each have our own unique regimen but we have one thing in common: we use easy products that take no time and that actually work to help us stay radiant all season long.

summer glow

How do you get that summer glow???  Share your secrets with us!

xo, Chai Mommas


I recently lightened my hair so trying to get that summer time glow has been high priority on my list!  

  1. I start off with gently rubbing underneath my eyes and above my cheek bones with InstaNatural Eye Gel.
  2. Moisturize my face with my favorite, Ocean Mineral Face Lotion.
  3. I apply Nars Sheer Glow Foundation with my fingers until I get even coverage.  This is the best stuff because it’s sheer enough but works well to even you out.
  4. Contour my cheekbones with Laure Mercier cream cheek color
  5. I always focus on my eyes and this eyeshadow set, Anastasia Beverly Hills She Wear it Well Eye Pallet is so worth it. For day time, I stick with nude options.
  6. Gotta have a little eyeliner and this one is organic and doesn’t budge, Au Naturale Organic Eye Liner Pencil in Black.
  7. And for years now, I’ve been using 100 Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara.  It is the best.


If I’m running off to teach yoga, then I skip all the makeup but still indulge in the Sugar Lip Balm by Fresh and spray on some rose mist after moisturizing …it’s just so refreshing and still gives a glow!

  1. My morning skin glow routine includes washing my face with Annmarie Gianni Aloe Herb Cleanser.
  2. Then I pat dry and moisturizer with Ayurvedic Pratima Rejuvenating Pearl Cream moisturizer.
  3. After Pratima moisturizer, I also sometimes dab on some Pratima Neem Rose Facial Sunscreen.
  4. Recently because of newborn sleepless nights, I rub on some of a Josie Maran Creamy Concealer Crayon under my eyes, pat on Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker SPF Powder all over and dust a little Bare Minerals blush on my cheeks and sometimes on the tip of my nose and eyelids. I love it in The Aphrodisiac shade because it just emits that GLOW!
  5. My secret is to then spritz a small spray of Pratima Ratrani Rose Replenishing Mist all over the face, even my neck and pat gently with a towel, if needed.
  6. Then I finish off with some Benefit mascara and Fresh Sugar Rose SPF 15 tinted lip treatment.


Like most moms, I don’t have time for many steps.  I think the key to my glow is keeping things simple…my skin healthy and my blush on!!  LOVE this blush!   

  1. I start off my wash my face with Cetaphil Wash.
  2. Then I apply Cetaphil Moisturizer  which is so light yet effective.  Been using this for years and although I try different products, I always go back to this one.
  3. My go to sunscreen is by Alba Botanica, love that it’s natural yet works so well.
  4. In the summer, I often skip foundation and go straight to blush. If you haven’t tried BECCA, then stop what you’re doing now and get some!!  It is AMAZING. I love their Topaz Blush. 
  5. Can’t skip my eyes…a swipe or two of Lancome Mascara in black and I am good.
  6. A little NYX light eyeliner to make the eyes subtly pop!
  7. And for the lips, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in my go to color for summer, nude.


Recently, I’ve gotten into French skincare (which is known to be simple yet glow-inducing)…so some of the products I’m using are ones that you’d find in drugstores across France but that we can now get stateside!

  1. Cleanse my face with NUXE Micellar Foam Cleanser with rose…obsessed.
  2. Immediately after, I apply a thin layer of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil on my face and neck and even the backs of my hands and ends of my hair for a dose of moisture that doesn’t leave you oily but instead fully radiant.  Smells divine.
  3. Next, I apply my new favorite face cream by Embryolisse which although it doesn’t have an SPF…I love it. Great primer, too.
  4. Can’t forget sunscreen, I use Super Goop Sunscreen SPF 50 and apply it all over my face and neck.
  5. My favorite summer time powder is by Josie Maran, like Puja. It’s just so sheer yet evens you out and feels great on the skin.  Plus it’s made with Argan oil and gives you another layer of protection with SPF.
  6. For some serious glow, I love BECCA Luminous Blush in Champagne Pop  or NARS The Multiple in Laguna which I often use on cheeks, eyes and lips. So good as just a highlighter too.
  7. I am back to my old favorite for mascara, Great Lashes by Maybelline.
  8. And finish off with my new favorite lip gloss from Burt’s Bees called Summer Twilight which pulls it all together.
  9. I always finish off with a spray or two of my favorite rose water from Heritage Store to set my makeup and give that dewy, glowy look perfect for the season!


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